Jogasaki Kaigan・城ケ崎海岸

Facility features

100% Hot Spring Outdoor Bath

At our proud outdoor bath, you can enjoy the sunrise in the morning and a magical atmosphere at night, with 100% natural water flowing directly from the Jogasaki hot spring source.

Great Ocean View

Whether you’re relaxing in your cozy room, hanging out in the Lounge, or soaking in the outdoor bath, you’ll have a stunning view of the ocean from all these three spots. It’s like the ocean is right there with you, wherever you choose to unwind!

BBQ-friendly Courtyard

Our wide and airy courtyard is a peaceful retreat surrounded by nature, perfect for relaxation and healing. It’s also a great spot for BBQs, making it the ideal place for fun gatherings with family and friends.


open air bath
open air bath
hot spring
Lounge for Projector
kitchen space
courtyard for BBQ


View from your room
Panoramic ocean view/twin
Ocean view/twin
Panoramic ocean view/triple
Mountain view/triple
Use of Projector
DVD rental


①Kadowaki Suspension Bridge

Explore the breathtaking Jogasaki suspension bridge, stretching 48 meters long and 23 meters above the sea. The journey to the bridge is an invigorating walk through nature, sure to refresh both your body and mind!

②Mount Ōmuro

Discover the iconic Mt. Omuro, standing at an elevation of 580 meters and a landmark of the Izu region. The summit offers a breathtaking panorama, from the majestic Mt. Fuji to the scenic Izu Islands. Plus, a special lift takes you right to the top for easy access to these stunning views.

③Lake Ippeki

Journey to the enchanting Ippekiko Lake, a crater lake born from an eruption nearly 100,000 years ago. Its mirror-like surface beautifully reflects the surrounding mountains, lush trees, and floating clouds, creating a mesmerizing scene. Don’t forget to enjoy a leisurely ride in one of the charming swan boats!

④Izu Shaboten Zoo

Enjoy a delightful encounter with cute animals such as capybaras and red pandas, and marvel at the extensive collection of over 1500 varieties of cacti at this unique facility.


①Izu Craft House

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Izu Highlands while exploring your creative side. Here, you can try your hand at making blown glass, sandblasted glass, and glass beads, or even enjoy pottery painting for a unique artistic experience.

②Pottery Experience at Yawatano Kiln

Drop by this workshop without a reservation and dive into fun activities. Create a special ‘Wanko Plate’ alongside your furry friend, or engage in etching art, crafting a piece you can take home right away.

③Jimmy’s Izu Tours

Embark on an English-guided tour through the stunning sights of Ito City. Discover the wonders of Omuro Mountain, the scenic Jogasaki Coast, the historic Shimoda Highway, and the tranquil Ike no Sato.

④Jogasaki Indies

Dive into an underwater adventure with a scuba diving experience in the Izu sea. The facility offers complimentary separate changing rooms and showers for convenience. Plus, don’t miss the ‘Onsen Maru,’ a natural hot spring with stunning sea views, a favorite among visitors.

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Jogasaki Kaigan Station – Narita AirPort
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