I founded this company with a deep passion and a clear vision. My journey began in the hotel industry in 2013, a field completely new to me. Learning everything from scratch – the manners, the rules, the customs – was a challenging yet rewarding experience. It fueled my inner drive, passion, and a sense of pride in my work. I received recognition and was able to advance steadily in my career.

However, I often felt constricted within the corporate environment. There was a suffocating atmosphere in the company, where going above and beyond for customers was seen as unnecessary, and the focus was more on profitable actions. Observing the unchanging traditional hotel experience in a world brimming with innovation, I envisioned a more home-like space where guests could feel truly free and comfortable.

Driven by a desire to do what I truly wanted and to see how far I could take my ideas, I started my own company. The name ‘WE HOME’ symbolizes the experience I want to offer our guests – a place where they can relax as if they’re at their own home.

Company Profile

Company nameWE HOME LLC
Address〒272-0015 2-10-2,Onitaka,Ichikawa-shi,Chiba
email addresswehometrip@outlook.jp