Facility features

Great Location

Just 30 minutes away by train from the amazing Disneyland or the transportation hub – Tokyo Station.
And, if you’re coming from or going to Narita International Airport, it’s only an hour’s ride from our hotel.
Our place is right in the middle of all these spots!

Everything Nearby

In just 5 minutes of walking, you can find a convenient store, a big supermarket, or lots of local places to eat.
It’s super easy to get to these places from our hotel, so you can grab what you need or try some tasty food in no time!

Free loaner items

Our hotel have shared kitchen with everything you need to cook, like pots, pans, plates, and cups, plus a microwave. You can use all these things to make your meals or enjoy a drink.

Recommended tourist and activity infomation near CHIBA area


①Tokyo Disney Resort

Explore the magic of Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, surrounded by a variety of delicious dining spots and exciting shopping destinations!


Discover a vibrant center where you can catch the latest movies, go shopping, and indulge in seasonal sweets and tasty food. Plus, don’t miss out on one of Japan’s biggest purikura photo booth stores!

③Nakayama Hokekyo-ji

Visit the historic Hokekyo-ji Temple in Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture, a significant Nichiren sect temple dating back to 1260. Don’t miss the stunning Hokekyo-ji Five-Storied Pagoda, a treasure of national importance and a testament to Japan’s rich cultural heritage.

④Funabashi Andersen Park

Step into a fairy tale at this enchanting park, where the Danish countryside of famous storyteller Hans Christian Andersen’s childhood is brought to life. Marvel at Nordic buildings, dive into historical tales, and wander through beautiful flower gardens. Plus, there’s fun to be had with athletic activities and pony rides!


①Chiba Museum of Science and Industry

Delve into the fascinating world of science and technology at a place where both kids and adults can ‘see’ and ‘touch’ to learn! Discover the wonders of natural science and the marvels of technological advancements in a fun and interactive way.

②Nakayama acecourse

Experience the thrill of one of Japan’s top four horse racing tracks, where you can watch majestic racehorses in action. The venue also boasts large trampolines and adventurous athletic play equipment, providing loads of fun for children as well!

③Ryogoku Kokugikan

Immerse yourself in the heart of Japan’s national sport, sumo wrestling, at this renowned venue. Hosting several grand tournaments annually, it draws crowds of sumo enthusiasts. Here, you can truly experience the unique traditions and culture of Japan.

④Japanese cultural experience An Tokyo

Delve into the delightful world of Japanese culture with hands-on experiences like making authentic wagashi (Japanese sweets) using genuine ingredients, crafting dried sweets with 100% pure wasanbon sugar, and even trying your hand at grinding tea leaves!

Access MAP

Airports and Tokyo Station Access Information

Shimousa Nakayama Station – Narita Airport
Shimousa Nakayama Station – Haneda Airport
Shimousa Nakayama Station – Tokyo Station